Friday, October 17, 2008

No, uh-uh, nope

She doesn't want food. I can get a jar of it into her once a day and a few bites more throughout the day but that's it. She closes her mouth and turns her head. I'm trying not to stress about it anymore. I'm going to continue nursing her and attempting foods 3x day and hopefully all will be well. I weighed her twice today and she was 12.4lbs both times. She's just tiny damnit. I am also keeping a food diary I can show to her ped so I can prove what I'm doing. You just never know if I'll need it or not.

Here was our schedule today:
6:45am woke up, BM (breastmilk)
8:00am BM
8:30am Jar fruit
weighed her 12.4lbs
10:30 BM- started falling asleep
12:30 BM/few bites fruit (in that order)
3:30 BM
5:oo few bites fruit/BM
6:40 BM- bed

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