Friday, October 17, 2008


I find this absolutely crazy. I just logged onto my MySpace acct and saw a message in my inbox. I thought it was from a friend I had written to last week. Nope, it was from a schoolmate from my Maryland elementary school (Pine Grove) that remembered me and was wondering if I was the same person. How wild is that? I moved away from MD to FL around 1982/3-ish I guess. She didn't just remember my first name (which is NOT a common name), she actually remembered my maiden name too. Now, since I'm so horrible at names, I'm trying to figure out which classmate she was. I can only think of two at the moment. I wrote her back though so we'll see. I never thought I was very memorable. Still don't. LOL Maybe it was my oh so lovely glasses. Or my sparkly personality. ;) Totally kidding. Well, almost.

I checked out her profile, or the little bit I can see since it's private, and she now lives in FL. Very cool! I almost recognize her picture too. Isn't the web fascinating? It is for me! I love finding old friends again!


Amanda said...

You obviously stuck in her mind. I agree that is pretty cool! The web is are so right.

Karen said...

Hey, Pine Grove is right where I used to live I think. Was it in Pasadena?

Working Mama said...

Ok, you were in Elementary School in 82/83??? Are you just TRYING to make me feel old - LOL!

That's neat that someone would even think to look an old classmate up - how cool!