Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas Countdown

It's on! Only 60 days and counting. See my new ticker over there <------------? You can even decorate my tree! Go ahead, I'll wait....... (humming a little Christmas tune)

Are you done? Yes? Wow, it's beautiful! Good job!

Like I was saying, the countdown is on. I've already started the *Santa Claus is watching you* threat with the boys. Our elf should be popping up sometime soon to watch over them as well. I wonder what kind of mischief he'll get into this year. I'll be sure to update you on his Elfcapades with pics! If anyone has kids around the computer right now bugging the heck out of you, show them the Live Elf Cam. See what kind of trouble those elves are getting themselves into when they are supposed to be working. Naughty elves!

1 comment:

Hanne said...

Only 60 more days! Yikes! Just 3 weeks after that my bun will be ready to exit the oven! I better get on the ball here:) After I get one of those tickers to keep me on track!:)