Monday, October 13, 2008

Teething, Talking and Movies- oh my!

Boy oh boy, I have my first cranky teething baby. Neither of the boys were particularly cranky during teething. Bella has her days though. During one of her screaming fits today (when I plopped her in the highchair to feed her some applesauce) I was able to get a good look in her mouth and I swear I see both of her front teeth coming in. One for sure but I think I see a hint of white next to it. Poor baby. Still no pics. Sorry. When she's screaming she's also moving so there's no getting a decent shot.

She's also begun *talking*. Never when the camera is on of course. She talks to her brothers in the car. We were driving on Saturday and all of a sudden I hear dadada from the back. Color me surprised! She loves her brothers though and I don't know what they do back there but she was just having her own little conversation with them. She's sticking her tongue out and trying to make sounds too. Oh so cute!

I've discovered that Baby Einsteins videos work on her just as they worked on the boys. They really save my sanity some days. She'll be fighting a nap, cranky and crying and I can pop in a BE move (she loves Baby Neptune and the duck in particular) and she immediately quiets down and within minutes she's asleep in her swing. Love them!

Here's a pic from this weekend and some video!

Silly Face

(If the video isn't working, give it a few minutes. For some reason it takes forever for YouTube to process my videos)


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful.
I just wanted to pass this article to you about Baby Eintein's, just a different opinion. I agree of course, but then my son Joseph was different since he was born.
I don't let Katelyn watch those ever, just in case.,8599,1650352,00.html

Marta Davis.

Anonymous said...

here is the link again,8599,1650352,00.html

Marta Davis

Melodie said...

She's so darn cute!

Melodie said...

That's an interesting article, Marta!

Heather said...

She is adorable!

Karen said...

Too cute!

Amanda said...

She is too sweet!!