Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Need some help

By tomorrow night no less (just the ideas, not the costume). Logan needs a homemade costume for one of these words:

dog, hog, fog, log, jog, etc.
snake, bake, cake, make, lake, etc.
dad, mad, bad, pad, sad, etc.

It can not be a Halloween costume. Nothing gross or inappropriate. It must clearly have the word somewhere on the costume. My first idea was to take a chef hat we have and add an apron and that could be for "bake" but after reading the rules again I feel like it needs to be more homemade/crafty. Keep in mind, I do not sew.

What about dressing him in all blue and adding paper fish for "lake"? Not sure how to attach them though.

Dress in blue and tape cotton balls or spider webbing for "fog"?

Anyone have one of those huge birthday hats with the candle on top we could borrow? I could dress him in bright colors for "cake".

Any other ideas?


Amanda said...

I like the chef hat and apron idea. :-)

Alison said...

What did you end up doing Karlise?Dressing him in all blue was a good idea! I dont sew either...I am of no good to anyone when something needs sewing.LOL

Melodie said...

Do you have a plain white t-shirt? You could take a black sharpie and write notes across the chest to make him a note "pad".

Karlise said...

Alison, I just needed the idea by Friday. I think we'll stick with the bake idea and add an oven mitt or something. One week wasn't enough to get the creativity flowing for me. It's not due until the end of the month so maybe I can come up with some additions to the costume.