Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas Gifts

I got 2 more gifts for the boys for Christmas thanks to Craigslist! They love Star Wars and I was able to find a brand new in box Darth Vader talking helmet and a barely used Storm Trooper talking helmet. Woohoo! I picked up the DV one tonight and I'll meet the other lady tomorrow sometime. I think between the huge wooden castle (bought after Christmas this year at 50% off), the Narnia characters to go with it (clearanced), some Leapster games I've saved(clearanced) and these helmets, they've got a decent Christmas ahead.

Bella obviously won't understand Christmas but I'll find her something to put under the tree. Some kind of girly toy perhaps. She doesn't need clothes at. all. Between all my clearance sale shopping this summer and clothes that have been given to me, she's set for the 12mo size as well as a bunch of 18mo. Our neighbor around the corner from us has 2 little girls and she brought over a bag today for me to go thru. I was able to get several cute outfits out of it (gave back the rest for her yard sale). A little Oxiclean on a couple of them and they were good as new! Bella has quite the wardrobe!


Rachael said...

My kids love stars wars too and they have nearly all the figures and play sets on the market I think. However I have managed to find some other star wars related gift ideas on several websites such as 24ace including a Darth Vader style laptop which I think is really neat and I reckon they will love it!

Unknown said...

I'm going to be hitting the next sale soon to get most of my presents for relatives and friends. Just need to make a list now I think, on what I will be buying!
We also do a shoebox appeal in where members of our local church each pack an empty shoe box with tinned foods to send over to the African countries so they can have a better Christmas.