Saturday, October 11, 2008

Convo with dh

Dh was headed to the convenience store to grab some lotto tickets.

dh: Want anything?
me: Hmm boiled peanuts maybe? (I was hungry!)
dh: They've been sitting all day....
me: Yeah you're probably right. We don't have any chocolate. I've eaten all the chocolate in the house.
dh: (laughs) What about some orange slices (candy)?
me: (WTH?!) I mention chocolate and you say Orange Slices?
dh: (about to walk out the door) What about Caramel Creams?
me: Uhh no thanks.

He did bring me home a Mr Goodbar. Not quite what I wanted but I was in the shower when he called so he just grabbed something. At least it had chocolate! I'm still not sure where he got orange slices from chocolate. SOOO not the same thing!

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