Monday, October 27, 2008

Is she serious?

I reposted my Craigslist items to *bump* them to the top. Some lady emailed me and said she'd offer me $20 for my $75 lot and $30 for my $100 lot. Is she kidding? Umm, no. I think I'll hold onto them and either keep listing them or break them up and throw them on Ebay or another free site. I could get more at a yard sale for them- even at a $1 per piece!

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Melodie said...

People are nuts like that! When I sold a crib on Craig's List, I asked for $100 (it was a brand new in box crib from BRU that cost $200). It was a great deal at that price, and someone still asked me if I'd take $75 for it. It ha donly been up for a day when they made that low offer. I turned them down and got a full price offer the very next day. It turned out that the couple who bought it from me was a relative of a guy that Phil works with, so we were really happy to have been able to help them with that good deal.