Sunday, October 19, 2008

Found a winner!

Bella absolutely loves yogurt! I had to use the sweet kind though. I went for the plain whole milk yogurt but it expired too soon for me to use it all. So instead, I got the Stonyfield YoBaby cups and she will eat the entire 4oz cup. I mix it with some oatmeal to thicken it up a bit and add some calories. Tonight I also added in some sweet potatoes. She won't touch plain baby food but didn't mind it together. Great, she's already picky! LOL Whatever, I just want to get some weight on her and I can worry about getting veggies in her afterwards. I think the baby food really threw her digestive system for a loop. But after eating some yogurt, she's seems better and let's just say that things are coming out a bit more smooth. ;) I also bought her a multivitamin at our local natural food market. The employee there told me a lack of vitamin B can cause a lack of appetite so we'll see! She seems to really like taking it. Between the vitamin and the yogurt cultures, she should be a healthy girl! Haha.

As for me, I'm trying to boost my milk supply. I made a huge batch (8 dozen from just one recipe) of "Lactation cookies". They are basically oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with added ingredients like flax seed meal and brewers yeast that are supposed to help boost milk production (and possibly the fat production on my body LOL). They came out yummy!! I also bought some Mother's Milk Tea. We'll see what happens!


Melodie said...

Katie hated baby food, too. But if we mashed up the fruits and veggies we were eating, she would gobble those up. You might want to try making your own baby food for Bella.

Lindsey said...

Can you please send me that cookie recipe? I need all the help I can get trying to nurse twins!! I eat oatmeal almost every day for breakfast to try to help. I'm having trouble making enough in the evenings.

Heather said...

Great news! I hope that weight is up at the next checkup!