Saturday, October 18, 2008

Class Picture

So the friend who got in touch with me was able to get our class pictures from her parents. Wow! I totally recognize my Kindergarten teacher and a few of the kids. I wonder if anyone became famous. Check out the clothes we wore! These are so funny to look back on. Can you spot me? I am not the one with the glasses. I either didn't get them yet or wasn't wearing them.

1st grade

2nd grade


Karen said...

I can totally spot you!

Working Mama said...

Is that you in the green jumper in the first pic? I totally recognize you in the 2nd grade pic - far left, red sweater!

Karlise said...

Yep! You are right!

Melodie said...

I had picked you out in the first and third pics, too, but there are so many kids in the second pic, and many faces obscured, that I'm not sure. Maybe the girl on the far left behind the girl in pink?

Holly said...

I picked you out in the green jumper and red too, but couldn't find you in the larger group.

So cute. I should try to find my kindergarten class picture.

Karlise said...

In the middle pic, I'm on the far RIGHT in the back. I'm hidden behind another kid's head. I have pigtails!

Melodie said...

Ah... That was my other guess!