Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Skating Party!

Logan went to his first skating party today for a school friend. I heard he had a lot of fun although skating is no longer his forte. Dh had the pro shop tighten the wheels on his skates but Logan was still all over the place. In his defense, he hasn't been skating since he was 2! He just is not coordinated- just like his daddy!

Seeing the pics and smelling the "skateland" smell on dh just brought back so many memories and made me want to go!! And yes, there is a skateland smell. To me, if you smell a dollar bill, that's what it smells like- money. Not money in the I-make-a-ton-of-it way, but just the scent of it. You just need to experience it to know what I mean I guess.

I used to skate every weekend and while I wasn't the best, I was still very good or in my mind I thought I was. LOL I loved "jam" skating. I would not however, ever, wear those brown generic skates. Before I got my own "speed" skates, I'd pay the extra and rent theirs. I wanted to work there when I was old enough too. I got a job at KFC instead though since it was in walking distance. I loved All Night Skates and hated when the lights came up and our skating time was over. Oh the memories....

So here are a few pics of Logan from today!

His fave past time- video games!


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Melodie said...

I went to Skateland all of the time when I was a kid/teenager. We were probably there at the same time. I did the same thing with the skates - only speed skates for me until I got my own.