Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bella's 6 month appt

Our appt didn't go so well today. Bella has actually lost almost a pound since her 4mo appt. so her ped is worried about it. He's giving us 2 weeks and asked us to up her solids during the day and add cereal and/or formula and then come back to get a weight check. If she gains, great. If she doesn't then he'll be sending her for metabolic testing and to see a dietician. We may also test my breastmilk for it's caloric content. I don't know why my milk would differ so much from one child to another but I guess it's possible. My intuition and my heart says there's nothing wrong with her. She's just petite. But the Dr. has put doubt into my mind though so I'll follow some of his suggestions. She'll be getting at least 3 meals a day of solids mixed with oatmeal, breastfeeding as well plus I'm going to add in some avocado and yogurt. I do not plan on adding formula. It's a man made chemical compound that I don't think she needs when she's getting the perfect milk from me already. (Fwiw, if you had to use formula or chose to do so then that's your choice for your baby.) I'll continue to nurse her too and maybe do it more often even though I was already nursing her quite a bit. Maybe I'm dehydrated and not producing as much? I don't know. It's frustrating! Neither of my boys were like this. They were both chunky.

6mo stats- I didn't get her stats. They forgot to give them to me but she was around 26.5in and 11lbs 12oz. She's my skinny minny. Off to go BF her again!

ETA: If there's one positive out of our visit it's that our ped's office is getting involved in our KidCare/Medicaid situation and it will hopefully be resolved by the time we have to go back so no more out of pocket for us!

ETAA: I realized tonight that my grandmother (Nanny) was a very petite woman. It's possible that she taking after her namesake. Also, the ped's office wasn't able to get any further than I was in the Medicaid process. It couldn't be that easy. They instead gave me another phone number that is apparently very hard to get thru on. Of course. Well, if she's not on Kidcare in 2 weeks, we may be cancelling our appt. I can't keep coming out of pocket. It's not cheap!


Anonymous said...

Like you said, she is just petite, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
And I wouldn't add formula either.
If you eat a well balanced diet of veggies and fruits, protein, milk and good fats then you're fine and I am sure she's fine. She looks perfect to me.
Marta Davis.

Lindsey said...

When we were having trouble with andrew's weight the pediatrician wanted me supplementing him. So after I nursed in the morning I would pump and give him 1-2 ounces of breastmilk after every feeding. It really helped and I wasn't having to give him formula. Something else they had me do was go see a lactation person to have him weighed before and after a feeding. That way they could get an idea if how much he was transferring. Maybe that's something you could try. Otherwise I think everything else you mentioned sounds like a great plan!

Working Mama said...

You are tagged for a meme - see my blog!