Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bella's 9mo well visit

Aye yi yi. No I haven't changed pediatrician's yet. Yes, I'm just lazy and like bitching about him.

Everything went pretty well today. My main problem was with the nurse. I no sooner put Bella on the scale and she was pushing the button to show the weight (14lbs 15oz). I said, no, she weighs more than that so she tried again and this time she was 15lbs 14oz (3%). That one pound makes a big difference on the charts! Then she measured her length- 27.5in (33%) but marked it in the computer as 23.5in. Umm she just lost 4 inches! And then she measured her head- 15.5in., 16.5in. the 2nd time and finally the Dr. did it and it was 17in which is right on target. Good heavens. Slow down and take your time already. Our ped still wants her to gain some weight but she's on the same curve as the last appt and she's perfectly healthy so I'm not worried about it AT. ALL. She loves her food. All in all, a good appt. She's most definitely my petite baby girl.

So her stats at 9mo (although technically she'll be 10mo this weekend)
weight- 15lbs 14oz (3%)
height- 27.5 inches (33%)


Heather said...

I'm sure it causes you grief, but I wish my boys would stay small a little longer. As per urgent care, Jason is the same size as Bella. My arms hurt from carrying him!

Melodie said...

She's just perfect by my standards. Sarah was always around 5th percentile for weight and 50th for height. Emily was 25/25, and Katie has been my tall girl at 5/90. Oh, and my pedi has NEVER said anything about my girls needing to gain weight.