Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

What a great day! I watched bits and pieces of the Presidential Inauguration today (as much as I could with 2 kids at home) and enjoyed it a lot. Our new president speaks well, carries himself well and seems so down to earth. I know he's made a lot of promises and I really hope he can make good on many of them. I also know he's a politician and you just can't trust them. LOL I'm very excited about this new era and I hope President Obama can bring a new voice for the people of the USA. It was wonderful to see so many people out there today supporting him and to see so many US flags flying. Not since 9-11 have I seen such a display of patriotism.

I also noticed him with his family today. What a sweet family they are. He and his wife both seem so down to earth and in love. They have danced at a few balls tonight and are just so cute together. His children are lovely and I hope they take to this new life easily even though I can't imagine it being easy at all.

Lots of luck to you Mr President. May God watch over you and your family and God bless America!

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