Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year to me!

Maybe one of my goals this year should have been to spend less. ;)

I got an email last night about a one day only sale at Dillards. It was an additional 50% off all clearance items. It didn't specifically say it was good on Coach bags but I wanted to go check anyway since I really, really wanted a big black purse. It seems like I've been wearing nothing but black shirts and blue jeans this fall and winter and I'm always carrying a tan purse. So off I went this morning. I went straight to the Coach counter and it was a madhouse! Some women had bags and bags of stuff already and the sale had only been going on for 45min. I squeezed my way up to the counter and spotted a super cute black bag. It was 25% off plus the addt'l 50% off so I grabbed it plus a new wristlet to use as a wallet too. They had other really cute bags too but I contained myself although it was sooo tempting! I even went back before I left the store just to drool. :)

I spent the next 2 hours or so browsing the rest of the store. I got Bella two, 3 pc sets (2 shirts and 1 pants) for $7.50 each, I got four darling Christmas stockings that I plan to get embroidered and one Christmas ornament for Logan's teacher who was absent the last day of school and will get her Christmas gift late. Oh and yes you did read that right, I got four stockings. No, I'm not pregnant but I refuse to rule out ever having a 4th baby and I wanted to make sure if we ever had another that he/she would have a matching stocking.

I actually didn't end up spending that much OOP. I had a bunch of gift cards I used for the purse and had cash for most of the rest. I called dh to tell him I got the purse and he laughed at me. Feeling just a tad guilty ( but only for a moment- hehehe) I explained that I had used gift cards to buy it and he said *those were for both of us*. Oops. He's awesome because I know he doesn't care and wasn't going to protest me buying it. Isn't he the best?!

So here are my new beauties. They are black but the signature C's are kinda shimmery. It's a light baby blue inside.

And my adorable stockings. They are pretty big and were only $5 each.


Working Mama said...

Cute - great buys! Can't EVER go wrong with a black coach!

Amanda said...

I'm wondering how much the purse cost after the sale? I want a new purse so bad but can't find anything I like. I've never spent the big dollars on one.

Melodie said...

What if you decide to have one more, but get twins? You won't have enough stockings then.

Karlise said...

Bite your tongue M!!