Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Loopy

My friend Nicole C. up in frigid Michigan recommended a new vodka to me the other day and on a whim I grabbed a bottle this afternoon. It's called Sweet Tea Vodka. There are 2 brands right now available here which are the original Firefly brand and now the Carolina brand. The clerk at ABC recommended the Carolina brand over the Firefly as he'd had both and to make it even sweeter- the new brand was $6 cheaper.

So anyway, after all the kiddos were in bed I decided to break out the bottle. It calls for mixing it was 1 part water and 1 part vodka or lemonade. I tried a small, small amt just mixed with water but it was too strong that way so I experimented and made up some Crystal Light rasp lemonade and added some water (bc CL is always too sweet) and some of the vodka. O.M.G. It is soo good! It was like drinking a rasp tea with a hint of lemon. Of course, I did the *bad* thing and sucked it up with a straw so now I'm feeling rather loopy. ;) I'm a happy drinker. I don't drink- ever- anymore so just that little taste plus the one glass has me feeling very good. My arms and legs feel all funny and I keep misspelling lemonade and have to keep going back to fix it. LOL I think I'll be sleeping very well tonight but I'll be saving the drinking for the weekend from now on. Next MNI- I may be bringing a bottle to share!

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