Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Back to school! Logan was very excited to get back to school this morning. He saw his buddy Jack and they both ran to each other and gave huge hugs (they don't know that won't be *cool* in a few years). Jack was bouncing up and down he was so excited. They both went straight to the teacher to say Good Morning and give her their Christmas gifts to her (she was absent the last day of school). Logan couldn't even wait for her to open his so he opened it for her and took it all out. Aye yi yi. I'm so glad he loves school. I'm glad break is over for now too but it sure as heck doesn't make it any easier for me to get up in the morning!


Misty said...

I had the opposite effect. I drug Alex out of bed kicking and whining the whole way to school. Then, I heard all about how he had to do a worksheet at school and how much he doesn't like to do worksheets.

Alison said...

Today was the girls first day back as well! Catherine was soooo excited to go back. She loves school. Cassidy could have used another month to sleep late and stay up til 2 am,LOL....That is wonderful that Logan loves school so much.

Debbie said...

I have the same thing here, both girl's loving school, wanting to see their friends, etc...I can only hope that as they get older, their love for school will continue, even in the teen years...LOL!