Friday, January 09, 2009

I still don't get it

Logan got a Webkinz from one of his friends at school for Christmas (I've known her mom for years). I finally got around to registering it so I could see what the hype is and I Just. Don't. Get. It.

I don't see the appeal. For kids- yes. For moms? I don't get it!

Every mom I know is into Webkinz. They all talk about how fun it is and this and that and I should try it..... Someone explain to me what I'm missing. I did an odd job. I attempted to decorate our bear's room and I did some of those Quizzy's questions. I found a star and I think I did some other game. What am I missing? Where is the *Wow this is so addictive!* part of Webkinz World?

Until someone can explain whatwhere it is I think I'll leave WW to Logan. Maybe I'll eat my words one day but for now I'll just let all the other moms have their fun.

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Andrea said...

I'm SO with you. I have no idea what people think is so great about them. The boys have 2 but only as stuffed animals...they have absolutuely no idea about the webkinz online world because I see no reason to introduce them to it. I tear off the tags & (shudder the thought!) throw them away! yes, you Webkinz Moms out there...I don't even keep there Webkinz tags! LOL