Friday, January 30, 2009

Money, money- never enough

I guess it's a good thing (ack- blasphemy) that we aren't renewing our Disney passes this year. Just this week we've paid out almost $500 to get our A/C fixed including the yearly maintenance and that's with getting one part free! They were out here Wed. morning and replaced a condenser (I think) and when the fan died again Wed night they came out Thursday and replaced the fan motor and credited us back for the other part.

Monday after next dh has to go to the dentist. He thinks he potentially has a cavity. That's over $200 easily. I still need to order eyeglasses (exam's already done) and I need to get to the dentist myself at some point in this lifetime. I require a deep cleaning though and with dh's dentist that will be $1000 spread over a few appointments. We have NO insurance- health or otherwise.

Logan's outgrowing all of his clothes and of course Bella is also. Thank goodness I'm a bargain shopper! Now I just need to find some bargains.


Anonymous said...

I was at Countryside Mall in Clearwater today, and found some good sales at Gap Kids--we are moving to CA so I bought some long sleeved shirts and sweaters for $6 or $8, plus a nice heavy jacket for $20. At the Children's Place they had their 3 for $20 t-shirts. Plus a huge wall of stuff marked down to $5.99. I bought E a couple of hoodies, a couple of striped polo shirts and a sweater.

Maybe they have the same sale going on down in Brandon.

Melodie said...

I went and saw Stacy at HCC a few months ago, and she told me that they can do the deep cleaning there for (I think) $40 per quadrant ($160 total). I need it, too, and we do have great insurance, but it's still expensive to get done.