Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girl's Day

It was just Bella and me today. Dh took the boys to his mom's house for a few hours so Bella and I went shopping at Bealls. Since I knew I was planning on trying some clothes on I put her in her stroller instead of wearing her. She was okay at first but the minute I closed that fitting room door she had had enough. Haha. I tried cheerios and shushing her but she was tired and she could see me in the mirror and just wanted me. Once I reclined her seat and pushed her around a bit though she fell asleep and shopping became a tad easier. I ended up with just 2 pairs of capris although I may go back for a Teez-Her tank. Since I knew she probably wouldn't tolerate another store we came home afterwards and chilled by ourselves. We ate some dinner, played on the floor and couch and enjoyed the peace and quiet.


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

That was me who deleted my comment above.

It sounds like you girls had a good day together. I love when Andon falls asleep in his makes it way easier to shop.