Thursday, January 22, 2009


Brrr It's COLD outside! I feel for my dad who's been camping this week. It got down to 25 degrees in my area last night. Um hello? Did someone forget to give out the memo that this is FLORIDA?! Global warming my arse.

Anyhoo, I've been bundling the kids up the best I can given we are Floridians and don't own a whole lot of cold weather clothes. Poor Bella this morning was so bundled up that she couldn't crawl. She kept falling over. Hahaha! She was not happy. Thank goodness for remote starters on our cars. I started my truck 10min before we had to leave and it was nice and warm inside. The outside of the truck however was ice. Yes, we had ice last night. I've got pictures to prove it! The kids thought it was neat. Ian and I walked around the house a bit when we got home from dropping off Logan at school to take some pics and to play with the ice on the truck.

Luckily for us this is FL and it will be back in the low 60s by this afternoon. A 40 degree temp difference! By tomorrow night, the freezing temps will be behind us for at least another week and our weekend at Disney will be perfect! It will be back in the 70s all weekend long. Yippee!! I can break out my capris and tshirts once again. And don't forget the flip flops. For my northern friends, don't be jealous. I know y'all are freezing your tushies off but your time will come. I'll be jealous of your mild temps in the summer when we're sweating to death. :)






Amanda said...

Yup it's freezing and we're not even up north. North to you though ;-) I cannot wait for the Spring minus the pollen. We've just been staying inside as much as possible.

Melodie said...

I can't wait for the summer heat! I can't leave my house because it's just too cold for me.