Saturday, January 17, 2009

Please vote!

Car seat safety is an issue I'm passionate about. Too many children are not restrained in the car properly if at all. It makes me sick everyday when I take my son to school or pick him up and see so many kids even smaller than him that don't buckle up or don't have any kind of car seat in their caregiver's vehicle.

Florida laws SUCK when it comes to child passenger safety. Did you know at 4 years old they can legally sit in just a seat belt? Did you know that car seat belts are built to size for the average adult not a small child? Do you know the internal damage that can occur for a child using a seatbelt without a booster or an improperly used booster or seatbelt? The shoulder belt is there for a purpose! Did you know a child in a booster seat is 59% LESS likely to be injured or killed that a child in just a seat belt?

I could go on and on but with a new president comes the chance- even if it's slight- to make your thoughts known on this and many other issues. I urge you to go to the Citizen's Briefing Book at and vote for your hot button issues. If you type in Car Seats, you'll find a few different letters. Please VOTE to bump these up so our government will see that this means something to us. HERE is one letter and HERE is another if you can't find them for some reason.

Also, please vote to repeal the CPSIA law that is to go into effect on February 10, 2009. This law will put so many work at home/stay at home parents and small companies out of business. Not only does this affect those families trying to supplement their income but it will also have a direct effect on the economy. How about they go after the paint mfg and the jewelry mfg that make the lead paint and metals?! Go after the Chinese made products. Leave the American produced and European made toys(who have strict guidelines and testing already in place) and children's items such slings, clothes and books alone.

Make your voice known!


Heather said...

Thanks for posting that Karlise. Just went over and voted.

I also have a link on my site for some things you can do to help with this CPSIA law.

Anonymous said...

Done, thanks for posting the links.

I was at school the other day and overheard a mom telling another mom not quite correct car seat information, but she said she was an expert and car seats were her passion. I didn't have the tact to tell her she was wrong (I can only piss off so many people at this school)! Hopefully the mom will go and do some research. She felt dorky for still having her 6 yr old in a 5 point harness! UGH!

Debbie said...

I have to say this...Elizabeth has been asking to ride in the front seat for about 2 months. I've explained to her that she cannot, blah, blah, blah. Today, she was at a friend's house all afternoon and I went to pick her up around 6:00. She asked to go in the front. She preceded to tell me how (blank) rides in the front...(Blank being a girl in her 1ST GRADE CLASS!) I wsa just astonished, to say the least!!!

Karlise said...

Heather, thanks for the info. I grabbed the button too.

J, I'm wondering when Logan will say something about still being in a harnessed seat. Next time you see her, give her kudos for keeping her kid harnessed! You could always say you overheard her, blah, blah and wanted to give her the correct info or pass on a website or something.

D, I see it everyday at school! Drives me crazy! I see them hop in the back seat and front seat. No seat belts. Belts behind their back. No boosters. Most of the kids are not near tall enough to use a seatbelt only.

Karlise said...

D, also, when it comes to it, point out on the visor in the car that it sasy 12 and under shouldn't sit up front. It's dangerous with the airbags. You could even show her a video clip of test dummies and an airbag.

Melodie said...

I don't let Sarah or Emily sit up front yet unless it's the only seat left (if we have tagalongs).