Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sorry for the Interruption- We're Baaack

Did you miss me? I've been busy! We left for Disney Friday night and while we did bring our laptop, I just never pulled it out. Can you believe it? I didn't get on the computer all. weekend. long. Wow. That's just unheard of for me.

So anyhoo, we left Friday night after dh got home from work (and after dinner) and headed to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We apparently got the ghetto (dh's words) side of the hotel. LOL That's what you get when you go *cheap* at a deluxe hotel. Our balcony looked out over the parking lot and the bus stop. We also had a rather large piece of equipment right outside and since the bus stop was there, we had buses running back and forth from 6am-2am. You'd just hear a deep rumbling sound when they pulled up. We always take a noise machine with us so it didn't bother me so much but dh didn't like it.

We ended up with a bunk bed room with dh and I in a queen size bed and the boys in the bunks which they loved. They're used to those. Bella was relegated to the pack and play in the middle of both. Her bedtime is usually 6:30 and we pushed her to 8:30/9pm for two nights. So we were in bed early both nights. I must say that the boys were very good about keeping quiet and going to sleep so Bella wouldn't wake up. Dh listened to his audio book and I played the DS until we got tired. Despite it being a luxury bed and all(there was a catalog so you could buy all the sheets, mattress, pillows, etc), all we did was toss and turn. There's just nothing like your own spot in your own bed with your own pillows. The only part of hotel life I do love is the curtains. No matter how high the sun is, your room is as dark as you want it.

The hotel is simply gorgeous. The lobby is amazing and there are so many artifacts on display. I wish we had had more time there to explore and hang out. There are three savannahs in which you can see animals. We even went out and looked thru night vision goggles last night. Very cool! The pool is large and there were quite a few people swimming (it's heated). They have a nice playground, fitness and massage rooms, a sitdown restaurant (Jiko), buffet restaurant(Boma) and also a casual quick service area(Mara).

One major duh on Disney's part: The lobby is considered the 3rd floor. Our room was on the 2nd floor. The way they explained how to get to our room confused me but they said we had to go down this hallway and take the elevator down. We spotted elevators and took them down but couldn't find our room. The numbers didn't even match up so we had to go back up and ask again. Dh wasn't happy about dragging our 2 suitcases around. Apparently when they built this wing, it wasn't connected to the main elevators. We had to go down the hallway next to the elevators and about halfway down there we found another elevator and we had to take that one down to our floor. Confusing!

We had a really good time though and upcoming posts will include the Hollywood Studios, Lego Store, T-Rex Cafe and Animal Kingdom. I'll upload all our pics and share them this week as I get time. I've got to unpack, do laundry (already started) and get back into a routine. Fun, fun!

P.S. I'm getting really, really depressed at the thought of no longer having Disney passes. They expire Feb 19th so only 3 more weekends to go. Waahhh. Anyone want to gift me $1200 for more? Ian was very unhappy when we had to leave today. How do you explain to a 3yr old that's been going whenever he/we wanted that he can no longer go and won't get to go again for a few years? Heck, Logan doesn't get it! So depressing. :*(

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Scarlett said...

You tell them that most kids never ever get to go ever, and one day when he can go again, he'll have lots and lots of fun. That's what I told my boys at least! ;)