Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My newest creation

One of Logan's teachers is due with boy/girl twins just 10days before I'm due. She's now on partial bedrest and we're having a surprise shower for her today in class. I love baby showers and making diaper cakes so I decided to try something new- diaper cupcakes! They are 4 diapers each, a bib or lovey and a pair of mittens I rolled to sort of look like a flower bud. I picked up a cake box from Publix and they fit perfectly. She also has a 2.5yr dd so I found a princess doll on clearance at Target to throw in for her. The bibs and loveys were also clearance. I think I spent less than $30 total not counting diapers. I of course will use the leftovers once Bella is born. I think they came out really cute! Here are some pics:Photobucket





Photobucket Oh and I need to give credit for the scrapbooking supplies I used to make the Babykakes by Karlise label. Since I'm not actually selling these, I don't think I'm violating any copyrights. The paper and ribbon are from the Sweet Sprinkles kit by Shabby Princess.

ETA: These were a HUGE hit with all the moms who were at the party today. Everyone loved them. :)


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Wish I were having a baby so you could make me a diaper cake! :)

Lindsey said...

That is SO cute!! I love it! You are so talented!

Kandee said...

You have such great ideas. I love it.

Scarlett said...

Why AREN'T you selling them? They look great!

Karlise said...

Thanks ladies. Who would I sell them to? There are people all over the web already doing it. I wish it had been my idea, but it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

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