Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tag, You're it!

10 Things I've Done

Here’s an interesting meme (yes, I had to look it up as I had no clue). Julie tagged me and I'm tagging the rest of you!

List ten things I have done that others likely have not. This was very hard to do (I'm such a boring person LOL).

1... I played the violin in the school orchestra for 8 years. I was pretty good and was always in 1st violin, and between 1st-3rd chair.

2... I worked in a bicycle handlegrips factory for a few months. (!!)

3... I failed geometry in middle school (seriously, it wasn't my fault!)

4... I worked for a vending/wholesale distributor for over 8 years and got to try samples of new foods/candies before they hit the shelves (and I wonder why I got fat?).

5... I lived with my parents until I got engaged and then moved in with my fiance, BIL and MIL for over a year.

6... I aced all my spelling tests in 5th grade so much that the teacher just let me give the test instead of taking it.

7... I dared/taunted my sister when we were kids to swim across an above ground pool and she nearly drowned. I believe my dad had to jump in to get her. Oops.

8... I've breastfed 2 boys for 4.5 years in total.

9... I've visited all major theme parks in the Central FL area at least once. I've done WDW more times than I can count.

10... I/my family has owned one dog or another my entire life.

Told you I'm boring! This was tough!!!

ETA: I thought of another one. I've been to two Super Bowls in Tampa!

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