Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What a memory!

My soon to be middle child is 2.5 and has the memory of an elephant. He could spot a McDonald's a mile away when he'd only been once or twice. He knows what to order too (scary!).

Dh had to buy a new car battery a few weeks ago so we followed him to Discount Auto Parts. Just a few days later, we passed by a different DAP and he kept saying "battery dead". He recognized the store front/sign!

He can recognize a Target/SuperTarget if we pass one(well, we do shop there a LOT. He noticed one near Orlando last weekend as we drove down the interstate).

He knows what Campbell's is (local ice cream joint) and we don't go there very often.

Just this morning, we passed by our fave pizza place and he remembered picking up pizza last week there. "mmm I wuv it"

I'm happy to say he doesn't know what Walmart is. I don't shop there if I can help it.

It just really surprises me how much he remembers. Now if we would only apply that to his ABCs, shapes, colors, etc!

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Melodie said...

Emily has a great memory like that, too. When she was really little, if I couldn't find something, I would always ask Emily to go get it because she always remembered where everything was. And she knows how to get to just about any place she's ever been. You never have to worry about getting lost when Emily's in the car.