Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday in Hyde Park

I really wanted to go check out that quilt from PBK so we went down to Hyde Park Village today. It's such a nice area. It's really too bad there's not much down there anymore. PBK did not have the quilt for me to see so I guess I'll have to buy it and hope I like it if that's what I choose. I did see some nice quilts for the boys' beds though. I'm also looking at these for their beds. We shopped at Williams-Sonoma and got a couple of things and walked over to Nature's Table Cafe for some lunch. That's it. We're boring I know. Later we get to do some really exciting stuff like head to Lowes for paint! Ohhh ahhh.

Tomorrow we're going to the zoo with some friends and Tuesday school starts back again. Wed. we're having a surprise shower for Logan's teacher who is due with twins in March. Hopefully she made it thru winter break. I know her Dr didn't think she'd make it until Feb but we're crossing our fingers for her!

ETA: Duh! The PBK quilt is a catalog/internet exclusive. Should have read further! I think that's what we've decided on though. Yea!

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Anonymous said...

I love Hyde Park... sad to know there's not much left down there. I hvaen't been in a while. Is Restoration Hardware still open?