Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Are they serious?

Dh and I discovered accidentally the other day that the tortillas I had been buying were NOT vegetarian! I never thought to read the label on a bag of tortillas. It's just bread! So I wrote the company to ask why there was gelatin in their product (I didn't even get far enough to see there was also FISH oil!). This is what they wrote me back:

Karlise, thank you for your email. The gelatin in the wraps is a fish gelatin the is used as a carrier for the micro encapsulated fish oil that is in the wraps. As you know fish oil is the healthiest form of omega-3(EPA/DHA) oil which is extremely beneficial to your health. Unless you are pure vegan, this should not be a problem for you. Thanks
(The bold is mine.)

Umm yes, it is a problem! Last I checked vegetarians did not eat fish of any kind (that's a pescatarian) and dh definitely does not eat fish. He didn't eat it before he went veggie. So I'm letting everyone know that the South Beach wraps made by Santa Fe Tortilla Company are not veg. friendly!

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