Monday, July 14, 2008


Logan was watching Ni Hao Kai Lan the other day and came to me asking to make chinese dumplings. So when I went to the store I got a few things and made up my own dish. Since I wasn't about to make homemade wrappers, I got WonTon wrappers and they worked pretty well. Tonight we made Wontons 3 ways- baked, boiled and dessert. I also made some steamed tilapia with seasoned salt. Yum!

I picked up a bag of shredded slaw (broccoli, cabbage and carrots) and added some ginger, garlic and soy sauce and cooked it up. Used a bit of egg white to close the wrappers and folded them up. The baked ones were too chewy- almost stale like. They'd be better fried but we're trying to eat healthier.

The boiled ones were yummy! I boiled them in some veggie broth with some soy sauce added for extra flavor.

The dessert ones had a square of Hershey Dark and a vegan marshmallow piece(soo good!) and I dusted them with powdered sugar with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Mmm. Again, would have been better fried but came out tasty all the same!

Logan was happy though and ate his entire dinner.


Working Mama said...

You can "flash" fry them - which is just to set them & doesn't add gobs of calories and then steam them in a veggie steamer. If you do that, place each one on of slice of veggie (carrot, leek, etc.)...something to keep them from sticking or falling apart. They are delicious!

Scarlett said...

I steam mine. I usually put down cabbage to keep them from sticking. I haven't done the flash frying method that Andrea mentioned... My WW cookbook has a recipe for steamed dumplings in it that is really good. I think it uses pork... And it has a yummy dipping sauce. I can give you the recipe if you're interested. OR if you have it, it's in the WW New Complete Cookbook.

Karlise said...

How do you flash fry them? Wouldn't steaming them not leave them crispy then?

Working Mama said...

They don't get crispy, the flash frying just gives them a little different texture. You just put them quickly in a little oil over high heat and then quickly take them out..they are not sitting in it absorbing it. But yes, you can just steam them too. I have done both. I have a great Cooking Light recipe for them - it uses pork but you can use white meat turkey also. I love them - they are more of a potsticker but same basic thing.