Saturday, July 26, 2008

Holy thunderstorm!

I got soaked today. It started pouring just before I was supposed to leave the salon today. The electricity went out so we decided to forgo the hairdry as I was going to get wet anyway plus we didn't want to get electrocuted. The stylist let me borrow one of their big umbrellas but the rain was coming down at such an angle and the wind was blowing so much that I had to hold the thing sideways to keep from getting wet. The entire bottom half of me still got wet though! I drove home thru flooded streets- that's how hard and fast it was coming down.

I got home and dried off and had to check out my hair. I'm blonde again! I didn't expect her to go so light. She did all over highlights. I really don't like the cut though. She said she followed my old cut and just took off the razored edges but now the layers are just blunt and ugly so I'm going to have to call her and see what she can do. It's not going to be worth the discounted rate (half of what I was paying at my other stylist) if I don't like the cut. I'll have to update on that later!


Karen said...

What??? Sally didn't cut your hair? You mean you cheated on her? LOL

Let's see the before and after pics after you get it fixed.

Melodie said...

Oooh.. Can't wait to see it.

Alison said...

I want pics please!!! Defenitely if your not happy go see what she can do to fix it.

Karlise said...

Yes, I cheated on her. :( Don't tell! I couldn't justify the cost since we've been low on funds lately. Of course, if this girl can't fix it, I may have to go to Sally and fess up myself.