Sunday, July 13, 2008


Logan was mad at me tonight. He and Ian were to clean their room up today and it took them hours because they were playing and not cleaning despite repeated threats of punishment. They lost tv for 2 days which means no video games and they sat in a time out corner for a long time. They just didn't listen. So when they finally finished, Logan asked to watch a movie. You lost that privilege. I don't know what he was thinking I meant when I said if you don't start cleaning up, you'll get no tv for today or tomorrow. He'll get over it.

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Melodie said...

It's good that you are following through on your threat. So many parents either don't follow through or they give the lost privileges back too soon because they "feel bad" for their cute kids. All that does is tell their kids that their threats mean nothing.
Your children will respect you more and obey you more often when they know you actually mean what you say. Way to go!