Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Found Money!

No not in the dryer this time although that's always nice but I was looking for my Movie Watchers card in my wallet and came across some gift cards that I wasn't sure about. I had $15.xx on one and $4.xx on another! I also have a couple of restaurant gc I haven't gotten to use yet. I haven't figured out why people keep giving us gc to steak houses when there's nothing on the menu that's dh can eat (vegetarian). Maybe it's some kind passive-aggressive thing... Anyone want to go to Outback or Longhorn?


Melodie said...

You know you can use the Outback card at Carrabba's or one of their other restaurants, right? They've got to have some sort of vegetarian meal there.

Karlise said...

Now that you say that, I think we may have used the Outback card already at Carrabbas. There may only be a few dollars left on it. I know the Longhorn is full though-I checked the balance yesterday.

My brain doesn't remember anything anymore!

Scarlett said...