Saturday, July 19, 2008

Panic moment

My heart just stopped for a split second when I realized what time it was and couldn't remember if I had blogged or not. Phew! Melodie, how long are we gonna have this little contest? Neither of us are budging and at this point, we're just paying ourselves! We may as well cash in on what everyone else owes and split it or donate it or something!

What's on the agenda this weekend? I have to run errands like returning certain buttons that a certain little guy put in my basket this week. I also need to get diapers and make a Costco run for Bocas, veg sausage and bananas. I think we'll be visiting some produce stands too and comparing some costs. The grocery store is getting too expensive and I like the idea of buying local produce.

Dh mentioned Disney on Sunday but I just turned down a beach day so we could save on gas not to mention we're still smack dab in the middle of July aka busy tourist season at WDW. I think we'll wait until next month.

I think dh is planning on cleaning out our laundry room and putting stuff up in the attic so he can make room for a chest freezer. I guess we're getting it sooner than I planned which is great if he can find the room. I can buy in bulk (as long as the price is right) and can stock up on good sales when they roll around. BOGOs are my friend! Add coupons and we're BFFs. LOL

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Melodie said...

Phil said that at this point we can't afford for me to lose. But, I'm sure you're in the same boat, too. I think if we don't call it quits, we'd have to go on forever, or at least until one of us wins the lottery and can afford to lose.
I don't remember what the jackpot is at from the others who have already dropped out, but I'm okay splitting it or donating it. Whatever you want to do. Just let me know.