Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I got to talking with a mom of a little girl from Logan's Pre-K class last night (I was RSVPing) and she mentioned a tumbling class her dd's were in so we went tonight. The first class is free for the kids to try and Logan had a lot of fun. It isn't too far from us and the cost is really good. It's a not for profit center too and she told me they LOVE having boys. It was really fun watching him although I think I may have the most uncoordinated child in the world. He tried though and he had fun and that's what matters. I tried to take some pics but I was too far away and my pics came out really dark. I think if we go back on Thursday (if we choose to enroll him), I'll bring my big camera and long lens so I can share with you.

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Scarlett said...

where did you go??? Can you email me and give me details? I think Hayden (and maybe even Isaac) would enjoy tumbling.