Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joys of shopping

The joys of shopping with a 3 yr old...where to start? We went to Joann's this morning to get some bow making supplies and some fabric to try making my own MTB panels. Ian was carrying our little basket and kept throwing stuff in. I caught him each time and he put it back on the shelf. Well, I guess I missed one. When we checked out I thought the cost seemed a bit high but didn't really think too much about it. On the way home, I pulled out my receipt and kept coming back to one item for $7.99. It said 60pc Psh Butt. I know I didn't pick up any buttons and the first time I glanced in the bag, I didn't see anything weird. When I got home though, there was a tin of white buttons in there. Ian must have grabbed it. I handed the cashier my whole basket so I didn't even notice her ring it up. Ugh. Now I have to make a return trip at some point because I have no need of 60 white buttons!

I guess the good thing is that I need to make a run to Target for diapers so I'll be back in the area. He was good in the store too so at least he has that going for him!

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