Saturday, July 19, 2008


I was out shopping today for diapers and grabbed some sushi (calif. rolls) at SuperTarget on the way out for a late lunch. Dh had never had wasabi so I gave him a small taste of just that. He tasted it and nodded his head that it was good and then it hit him 5 seconds later. If you've never had it, the heat of it goes straight to your nose. I was dying laughing at him! I wish I had thought to get my camera out.

I also had to go to Costco for a few things and was wearing Bella in my mei tai. She had fallen asleep and one of those sample giver ladies asked me if she was suffocating in there. I was nice and said no, she's just asleep. But really?! Do you think I'd let my daughter suffocate against my chest?? Oy vey!

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Melodie said...

Sarah loves wasabi! She loves anything hot and spicy. She eats whole jalepeno peppers like it's nothing.