Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Christmas in July?

Do you realize there are only 176 days left to Christmas? Yes, you read that right- we're halfway thru the year already! I don't know where time went either but I'm starting to think about gifts already.

I know we plan on having a budget friendly Christmas this year. Gas prices are soaring as are food prices. I don't forsee a Christmas bonus so I'm not counting on one and dh's side computer work has slowed down dramatically. So my dear family, don't expect much in the way of store bought gifts this year. We are going old-fashioned-handmade-from-the-heart gifts. I've already got a list going of things I can do/make and I think everyone will like them. Or I hope they will. And if they don't, then pfffttt to them! I hope to post pics of those items as we get closer to Christmas time!

If any of my readers want a Word file of different Christmas ideas, leave me a comment with your email address if I don't already have it and I'll send it on. (Yes this is a shameless way for me to get comments! ;) )


Anonymous said...

Ooo Oooo!! Send me one please!!

Amanda said...

Yes, please send it to me too. I need all the ideas I can get. Our budget will be changing once we move in a few weeks.

Scarlett said...

send it to me please!!! I like getting crafty!!! One year, I gave everyone in my family a framed family photo of us all at the beach that I had also written below it the "Top 10 Things I Love About (fill in name of person)" Everyone was touched, and it only cost me a few dollars per person.