Monday, July 28, 2008

Potty Training Day 1

I decided since we have no school the next 3 weeks, we were going to be dedicated to getting Ian potty trained and today was Day 1. Unfortunately we got a late start so he had a poopy diaper this morning but we were strictly underwear (he hates being naked) the rest of the day. He had 3 small pee incidents but other than that, he ran to the potty everytime by himself. Yay!!! I was at Target this afternoon and picked him up some Diego and Mickey Mouse underwear. He also has Scooby Doo that someone bought Logan that way that were too small that he never wore and I found some more generics brand new in his drawer so we are set! I did put a diaper on him tonight for bed as I don't know how well he'll do at night yet. I'm not worried about that.

Here's a pic of my dirty boy today. Check out those chicken legs! LOL But check out the muscle too. I wish my legs were that toned!

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Melodie said...

WTG, Ian!

BTW: It says the video is not available.