Sunday, July 13, 2008

Realized something today

I don't know why I just realized it but it just came to me. I'm no longer "afraid" to nurse in public (nip). With my firstborn, I went to another room to nurse. I always came home to nurse if I was out. I don't think I actually NIP at all.

With my second son, I nursed sometimes when I was out with my friends at the park or something for a playdate. They've all been there, done that (BTDT) so it wasn't anything to them. I was more cautious though.

With Bella, it's whatever, whenever. I've nursed in the middle of DisneyWorld. I've nursed in the middle of a Mary Kay meeting and will continue to nurse wherever I am when she's ready to be fed. I'm free! LOL I am still very discreet about it and unless you really stared/studied, you wouldn't know what I was doing. I don't "whip it out" as so many people like to say BF moms do (yeah, I've never seen that happen). I can't hide though when I have two other children and things to do.

I really don't understand the hoopla about NIP. Most states have laws giving breastfeeding moms the right to nurse wherever they are. The sad part is that the states had to make a law so people couldn't discriminate against us feeding our children. Have you ever seen a bottle feeding mother be asked to move to the bathroom or cover up? What about someone wearing a skimpy top? Why should nursing moms be asked to? Would you want to eat in the bathroom? We didn't ask that our breasts be made into a sexual objects. They are doing exactly what God intended them to do. And as long as I'm producing the ultimate baby food, I will continue to NIP and feed my child when and where I want.

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Debbie said...

I never met anyone that was obviously uncomfortable with breastfeeding. I am sure its very frustrating to you or any mom because their child needs and wants to eat. And for the most part, moms that breastfeed do not just lay the breast out there. They usually cover themselves just a little for their own comfort. Its sad that this is going on and still exists...But I do not live under a rock and know that people are set in their ways....Sorry for them....LOL!

The only people I think can be excused are the elderly. Things were never discussed or out in the open like over the last 10 or 20 years. I know my MIL, who happens to be 85, is very uncomfortable with that...But she comes from an age where kissing in public was a big no-no...Even so, she doesn't comment to people and just goes with the flow. Those are about the only ones I could excuse, but we are in 2008.....People just have strong opinions these days and some can't keep their mouths shut when they need to!!! LOL!

Melodie said...

You know, I've always wondered if there were any BF moms out there who are against BF in public, or if it's just the non-parents and non-BF moms who have a problem with it?