Thursday, July 03, 2008

Parenting classes

I'm really starting to think they should be mandatory. I keep reading story after story of stupid, neglectful, brainless parents. I just read THIS story about a 5mo old who drowned in the shower. Who the hell leaves a 5mo old in a shower alone?!

Then there's THIS woman who decided to make shoplifting a family affair. Oh and one more- what are these mothers thinking?

And a mother (I'm starting to question this word) who hid a knife and sawed off shotgun in her child's stroller! WTF?!

Then there are the moms who let their kids (ages 4 and under) stand with their heads thru the sunroof while in car line (yes she drove slowly thru car line with their heads sticking up thru the sunroof). Wanna see? I'm sure there are some readers who would say, oh that's not so bad but in my book, that's dangerous. (ETA: While I think this is dangerous, I don't think she's necessarily a bad mother- just poor judgement in this case- certainly not in line with the rest of these "moms")


Seriously, I'm thinking mandatory classes or some kind of test would be better than letting these people become parents.

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Melodie said...

Sometimes I think that a person should need a license to have children.