Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy day with a 100% chance of tears

I have nothing else to talk about tonight so I'll just tell you about my busy day. Got up this morning and went to get a Mary Kay makeover for my friend Julie who just became a consultant. I left there, came home to feed Bella again and to pick up Logan for a birthday party for one of his preschool friends (same friend in tumbling with him).

Of course it rained just before we left but it stopped just before the party started thankfully. It didn't matter though, the kids were doing a water slide and were going to get wet anyway. There were plenty of tears yet again today. Logan hurt himself at least 3x at the party. When we got there, he stepped on the inside doorway of the car, slipped and scraped his leg pretty bad. He also scratched himself while we were there and got hit by a water balloon which led to more tears. He dropped his chips on the floor and despite the fact that we all said it's okay, we'll get you more, he still cried. sigh... Then, I told him they were starting the pinata. He decided to play on the slide instead and by the time he got to the pinata, he was last in line to hit it and didn't get to as it broke open. Since he didn't get to hit it, he didn't want the candy. When he decided he wanted the candy, it was mostly gone so all he got was 2 pieces. The hostess took pity on him though and gave him some little party packs of playdoh she had.

I just don't know what to do with all these emotions of his. I feel like I have THE most emotional child on the planet.

I did get to catch up with some of the moms from preschool which was nice and talked to the hostess about my tumbling situation with Logan. She even offered to call this coach and talk to him. LOL I told her not to though. Hopefully I'll get to speak to him next week plus I found out he doesn't usually teach the little ones. Good!

Soooo if you've made it that far. We came home and apparently Bella had been crying for over an hour. She was sleeping when I left and she had been fed so I didn't take her with me. Now why dh didn't call me to come home or at least come get her, I just don't know. I was only 10min away. Got home, fed her again and dh offered to take us all out to dinner (his boss gave him $$ to do just that!). We went over to the new Tres Amigos Cantina (formerly Don Pablos) and it was pretty good. Came home again, fed Bella and put her down to sleep. Now dh is getting the boys ready for bed and soon, very soon, I'll have peace and quiet and a chance to relax. Phew!

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