Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let's go to the movies...

Let's go see the staaarrrs. Red lights holler deep Depression, What do we care? Movies are there!

Bonus points to whoever can tell me what movie that's from WITHOUT looking it up! No cheating!

Today was $1 day at the movies again so I let Logan stay out of summer camp so he could go with his friend Hayden. It was me, Bella and the boys, Jen and Zane and Scarlett with her boys. I think we took up half a row all on our own! After getting everyone settled in with their popcorn and drinks, we sat down to watch Shrek 3. It was ehh. The boys have watched it a few times but dh told me later on that it's not a movie they really like. They'd much rather watch one of the first two Shrek movies. There was a lot of adult humor in it that goes right over their heads. On the way out of the theater, I heard someone mention a Shrek 4 coming out. Oy. How many are they planning on?

So after the movie, we parted ways with our friends and walked down to Sally's Beauty to pick up some hair clips for Bella. I really want to try making my own bows for her hair. We also stopped by the candy shop near the theater. Mmm. Ian got a M&M cookie, Logan got a white choc. pretzel and choc covered oreo and I got a huge hunk of Peanut Butter Overload fudge to share with dh.

Then we stopped by dh's office to drop off a CF card for his camera and went to get lunch at Burger King. Bleh. The only good thing about their lunch is the apple fries. Especially when compared to McDonalds. Cold nuggets and fries are not appetizing! Even the mac & chs that Logan got was tasteless. It's Kraft- how do they screw that up?! Guess that's why we rarely go there.

Now we're home and just relaxing waiting for the rain to come. Logan and I got pretty wet yesterday after tumbling- even with the umbrella! I kinda wish we would get a good sprinkle without any thunder so I could let them go out and play in it. But this is FL and where there's thunder, there's lightning so we don't get to do that very often.


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Good job Holly!

Melodie said...

I knew it was Annie, too.

I used to make some hair clips for Saraha and Emily when they were little. I'd just hot glue whatever decoration I want onto a little plain hair clip from Sally's and they worked great. I even made all of my own hair decorations and "jewels" when I married Phil. It was super easy.