Monday, February 04, 2008

33 week appt

I had my 33wk appt today. I'm actually measuring 34wks. Bella's HR was 160. She has at least one foot stuck up in my ribs non stop it seems. Everything looks good with me- my heart palpitations didn't seem to be out of the ordinary but I should let them know if it happens anymore and my blood pressure is fine. I go back in 2 weeks for the Group B test. Yippee. Not.

I also took a Waterbirth class tonight. It was rather impromptu though as the instructor wasn't told she had a class tonight. Oops! She didn't have any of her materials with her so she just had to wing it. It was just me and one other mom there. I learned some new stuff though and I think I may go forward with it. It does seem more glamorous on TV, even when it's a reality type show but after I told dh what to expect, he's not sure he wants to get in the tub with me. Big sissy! LOL I'll be packing his swim trunks just in case! Has anyone seen a waterproof iPod case lately? I think I'll probably need one.

ETA: if anyone wants to watch waterbirth videos (haven't seen anything gory yet), you can go to and there are many to choose from.


Heather said...

YOu can get waterproof ipod cases pretty cheap through ebay. I'm pretty sure "otterbox" was the name of the one my brother has.

Karlise said...

Thanks Heather. When I wrote that, I was thinking about my iTouch which wouldn't have a case. Duh, I also have a regular ipod I can use.