Friday, February 01, 2008

February already?

Where did January go? Our blogging contest is still in full force with 6 of us still hanging in there. (Heather dropped out as of today...) We've decided to anty up another $5 each to make the final pot bigger and do that each month. Let's see how long we can do this!

Valentine's Day is coming up and once again, I'm at a loss as to what to get dh. I bet he'd be happy if I just gave him fill in the blank. It may be the last time he gets anything for several more months! ;-P

Oh and for all of you just counting the days down, my birthday is in 25 days!! I was trying to find a decent widget to add to my blog but none of them work! If you know of one that does work, let me know.


Heather said...

There are still SIX of you. This will go on forever! LOL.

Karlise said...

Thanks Heather. For some reason, I thought there were only 9 of us total.