Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top 10 most ridiculous baby products

Top 10
Would anyone actually buy a pair of fake hands? Or a fur diaper changing pad? I'll admit, I never thought about the stroller issue. I've seen a lot of people recommend that particular stroller and love it (Phil & Ted E3). It doesn't look so bad on their site and if they kids are properly strapped in, I'm not sure where the problem would lie. Now after having 2 boys, I can say that the PeePee TeePee wouldn't work. It would however shoot across the room along with the pee!

ETA: After visiting the BH board today, I found some more! Go check out this blog and this Craigslist ad!

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Lindsey said...

That's funny!! I agree with most of them except the stroller! One of my friends up here has one of those and when we thought we were only having one baby, I really wanted one! Then I saw the price! YIKES!!! Anyway, it's great b/c you have an extra seat, if you need it, and if not it's a great storage spot! We went to the Microsoft company picnic with these friends and Joshua rode in the back of it the whole time! He loved it!