Thursday, February 28, 2008

Post o' Misc.

I'm not one to be in a hurry but I can't stand sllooooowwww drivers. 35 in a 55? Come on! The same driver got on the interstate and tried doing 40 into a 70mph zone on the on ramp. I zipped around him quick! I'm sorry, but I think it's more dangerous to go so damn slow!

On the way home on the interstate, once again I got stuck behind someone who thought doing 55-60 in a 70 in the MIDDLE lane was okay. Argh! Move over!

The boys' fighting is driving me nuts. Ian screeches and it's like nails on a chalkboard. I'm ready to sell them both to the circus.

Things I didn't know:
per Logan- the long necked dinosaur is a "stretchosaurus" (he was talking about the dino over by Dino World off the interstate)
In Florida, cars don't turn into Transformers (I guess they do in other states?)

Almost 37 weeks!! Had a MW appt today and they were surprised to see me. Apparently I had the time right and the date wrong. Oops! I swear they told me Thursday. Luckily my midwife was there doing a postnatal appt and had me wait.

I told her just how high Bella seemed to be which is so different than the boys ever were. When she was checking my belly, she was surprised at just how high she really is. I'm hoping she drops sometime soon.

I got my Group B strep results and they were negative. Yea!!! No IV for me!! I also found out in order to take oral antibiotics for GBS, you'd have to take them for 21 days. Wow! Also, the IV is only good for 6 hours. If you are still laboring after that, you're getting another IV.

I go back next Wed. for my weekly checkup.

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