Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Heavens!

I just switched the carseats around for what the 3rd, 4th time now?? Now I'm hot and tired. Well I was already tired but now I'm out of breath too. Bella's seat is in the Civic (love that new car smell), Logan's seat is now behind the passenger in the Pilot and in order to get Logan's in, I had to undo Ian's and reinstall it back in the middle. Bella will be behind me when it's reinstalled in my truck. Phew!

On another note, I hurt!! This groin pain is getting worse. It's only on the left side too. It hurts to walk. It all has to do with the pregnancy and hormones and will go away but it's getting tougher to get in and out of bed, much less just roll over in bed. I waddle now because of it too. Lovely. Come on baby....3 weeks left.....

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Scarlett said...

I feel for you... I had that too. I can't believe you'll have your baby girl in three weeks (more or less) Wow!