Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pampered Saturday

I didn't do much yesterday. I woke up and got ready to go get my hair done. Had my hair colored, highlighted and cut. Came home, ate some lunch and took a nap. Sounds like a relaxing afternoon doesn't it?

I had a Mom's Night In last night so after I got up from my nap, I started in on my cheesecake cups. Everyone said they loved them. I ended up filling my little thimble sized chocolate "shot" glasses with regular cheesecake and some I had mixed with strawberry puree. Mmm. Got ready to go to Jen's and my keys were gone!! I only have one key to my Pilot and I was flipping out that it had disappeared. I knew I always put them in my purse when I walked into the house but they were not there. Ian was the #1 suspect. Little did I know....

Dh ended up "finding" them about 10min later so off I went. I still didn't suspect a thing. Got to Jen's, ate some food and was hanging out with the girls when Jen and Julie came walking out of the bedroom with a cake (cupcake cake). My first thought was that it was to celebrate Amy and my birthday but it wasn't! It said "It's a Girl, Princess Bella" and had a crown and sceptor on it. Awww. It was so cute. Turns out, I had a surprise baby shower! I got some gift cards, cute clothes for Bella, beautiful picture frames Andrea made and I still have a couple of things coming like knitted baby booties from Amy and a knitted dress from Julie. I have some wonderful friends!! After that, we played a game and just sat around and gabbed until after midnight. Julie had me in tears laughing at one point.

What a great way to end my relaxing day!

A great big thank you to all my friends!!!!


Heather said...

So sorry I couldn't be there Karlise. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

See??! I'll be great comic relief while you're in labor! I can't wait, I'm working on my routine. How many woman does it take to push a baby out???