Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's that day again. Dh and I decided not to do much this year. He did go out to the mall last night though and picked me up 2 boxes of Godiva dark chocolates. Mmmm. I got them last night too- something about not wanting to leave them in his car. I got this box and this box (I think those are the right ones).

I looked for a new movie for him but nothing was sticking out to me. Of course, when I'm out and about in the area (right after 9am) nothing is open except Target. I thought about getting him some weights (too $$$ plus store closed) or a new game (store closed) or some new Crocs (store closed) so I came home. I would have started earlier and should have gotten something last week but again, I'm a procrastinator. Oh well...I'll make him a card later today. We'll probably get some take out or something tonight. I'm certainly not braving the crowded restaurants.

ETA: These are the kind of weights we're looking for. We had regular dumbbells but they took up too much room so we sold those.


Holly said...

What kinds of weights does he want? Bruce is getting rid of his.

Heather said...

DH has the bowflex version of those weights and he loves them! I must say, they are rather easy to use and take up very little space!