Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting ready

I've decided to start packing... my birth center bag that is. I started out with my smallest suitcase and had to upgrade to the medium size one. I still haven't even finished or even come close to packing everything I have to bring either. I hope it's big enough! It's not like a hospital where they give you everything there. I have to pack diapers, overnight pads (menstrual), dh's robe (for walking around the house- that takes up ALL the room), gowns for labor, nursing bras/tanks/swimsuit top or whatever for being in the tub, baby clothes, socks, onesies, underwear, swimtrunks for dh, extra set of clothes for dh, cut up towels for compresses, going home outfit for me....and that doesn't include the cooler we have to bring full of food and drinks for both of us or any sundries. I also need to pack my handheld fan, video camera, camera, ipod.... whew! Think I can just hitch the house to some wheels and drive it to the birth center? It might be easier!

So because I've decided to start packing, I also had to go shopping. I realized I have barely anything for this little girl. No hats, no onesies, no sleepers or socks or baby blankets. Well, I have blankets but they aren't pink (haha) and they are up in the attic somewhere and heaven knows when I can get dh to get up there to get them, so I bought a few new ones! I didn't use them that much with the boys so I figure the 4pk I got will be enough.

In the next few weeks, I'll be shopping (by myself!!) for some nursing bras/tanks. I refuse to take little man with me to clothes shop. I also need to get a fish net. No not stockings, an actual fish net for fishing "stuff" out of the birth tub if needed. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

I can't believe I have just over a month left!


Holly said...

Ugh, too much work! Makes the hospital sound like the option for me. Not that I'd need that option! LOL

Melodie said...

Maybe you should reconsider a home birth so you don't have to pack everything in your house to take with you.